How do you want people to feel?  That is the key to good video.

People rarely make decisions based on knowledge. People make decisions based on feeling. The limbic system in our brain is responsible for all of our feelings. It’s where trust and loyalty are grown. It has no capacity for language or reasoning. But it's the part of the brain where decisions are made!

So for all of us marketers, it’s not enough to impart knowledge to our audience. We have to impart feeling. People make decisions because they see something... that makes them feel something... that then gives them the fuel to change.

That is why video is such an important part of any marketing strategy. Video is the most effective way to get your audience to feel something, which then drives them to act.

Hyndsight Productions specializes in understanding your message and getting your audience to feel something. Anyone can create a video for you. But it’s the art of crafting a story, the art of stirring emotion that makes video so effective.

And it's what Hyndsight Productions does best.

Why Hyndsight Productions?


How do you want people to feel? That is the question behind every great story. People make decisions based on feeling, not fact alone. Our team tells incredible stories because that's what makes your video most effective. Anyone can create video. But our videos inspire action.


Beautiful footage doesn't just capture a moment, it captures emotion. Our team understands how to use the tools of video production to capture the moment in its most authentic, inspiring form.


You'll find plenty of companies that can create video. But Hyndsight understands emotion, body language, well-crafted interviews, music, beautiful video footage, graphics... and how to weave it all together to create a pace, a feeling, a story that inspires action from your audience.


We keep you as involved in the video process as you want to be. We have a clear system that includes checkpoints throughout each project so you're comfortable with the progress and thrilled with the end-result.

Kelley Hynds

Principal and Executive Producer

Kelly Hynds

Kelley is an award-winning producer earning various Telly Awards for storytelling, motion graphics as well as social change video. She started her career in broadcast journalism and then documentary storytelling, where her team won an Emmy Award for a documentary on early childhood education.

Kelley is a successful and ambitious entrepreneur, starting Hyndsight Productions in Cleveland, Ohio in 2009 and launching a sister company, Hyndsight Media, in 2016. She has grown Hyndsight Productions into a strongly competitive video production company, with clients that have included Medical Mutual of Ohio, Kichler Lighting, The City Club of Cleveland, The Greater Cleveland Food Bank, The Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland and a wide variety of non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Kelley earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. She is trained to tell stories that are driven by fact, but also make an emotional connection with an audience.

She is a mom, a business-owner, a driver of social change and an enthusiastic storyteller.